Sunday, April 24, 2011


One of the new benches at Muliro Gardens In Kakamega.

During my visits to my hometown of Kakamega, it appeared like any other garden-the Uhuru Park of Kakamega ( Muliro Garden ), had been defiled for long by sex pests who had invaded it.
I never paid much attention nor spend time at this garden because most of my kins operate businesses and live in Kakamega town.
I spend my time either in their houses or their business premises or at the Masinde  Muliro University where some of my cousins are studying.
But it was until somebody brave took nude pictures of people having sex in the garden that the garden became famous.
On good Friday while on a visit to Kakamega town, I made a stopover at the garden.  I told my driver to stop. As soon as he packed the car beside the road a crowd of curious onlookers stared at me as I flashed out my camera.
A few people were seated on the benches in the park. One was a fat woman seen in those photos posted on walahoi.ning .com.
She was with a man half her size, her blouse open and one of her breast popping out. The man sat with his legs crossed as they talked.
 I asked one hawker where the famous bench is and he replied, “It was removed by the county council people. We don’t have it now. “He said.
“These people are not from around here. Imagine they have come to see the bench.” said a woman hawker who whispered to her colleague in Kabras.
Being Luhya I understood Kabras and empathized with the people of Western Province for what damage the Muliro garden defilement had caused them.
It was fast approaching dark and I took a quick walk in the garden. The area where the bench was had been fenced off, the bench removed and it had been swept clean.
For those who don’t know, the garden is just in the middle of Kakamega town. It is on your left while coming from Kisumu and on your right while coming from Webuye.
Unlike other parks and gardens in Kenyan towns, it boosts of huge indigenous  trees and bamboos. It is well maintained and somebody must have been protecting the sex pests.
The garden was neat, perhaps those of you who visit Kakamega in the near future,-take time and relax at Muliro Garden, the sex pests are no more.
I took a few photos of the benches and one couple warned me not to take any pictures of them.
But what can be done to cleanse the tarnished names of heroes like Koinange and Masinde Muliro where places named after them have a bad reputation?
Take for example Koinange Street in Nairobi, it has been defiled by sex pests and the mention of Koinange evokes thoughts of prostitution.
“I will muliro garden you.” One journalist joked with a female colleague.

The crying stone which is a major attraction in Kakamega


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